A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Fill in the blanks using he or she.

Proper Nouns

Proper nouns are the special names of people. places, animals and things that always start with a capital letter. For

Nouns: Gender

The nouns from the he-group are called masculine nouns. For example: boy, man, grandfather, father and son The nouns from

Nouns: Singular and Plural

A noun can be singular or plural. Pencil, pen, flower, owl and chair are one in number. So, they are


A noun is a naming word. It names people, places, animals and other things. I am a boy. Here, boy

Articles: a and an

We use a before a naming word that starts with a consonant. We use an before a naming word that

Vowels and Consonants

The letters of the alphabet can be grouped into:Vowels and Consonants There are five vowels: a e i o u

The Alphabet

Letters from Aa to Zz are called the alphabet.There are altogether 26 letters in the English alphabet. These are the